Five reasons for eating eggs.

l Nutrient-rich,an egg can provide vitamin D, iron, zinc, choline and other 13 kinds ofessential nutrients for the body. While egg white is rich in high qualityprotein, and egg yolk is a natural antioxidant. With cost advantage, they canbe made into a variety of delicious dishes.

l Less expensiveand accessible in many places, eggs are the source of the low cost qualityprotein. In daily life, eggs can be cooked in different ways: omelet, scrambledeggs, hard-boiled eggs, marinated eggs, soft-boiled eggs, spa-boiled eggs,tea-flavored eggs, etc. As a main ingredient, eggs can be made into Souffle,egg milk crisp, egg white cookies, cakes and other desserts.

l Ideal forprotecting your heart. You may always think that the cholesterol in eggs willincrease the burden on the heart, so as to reduce the consumption. However,more than 40 years of research have shown that saturated fats are more likelyto increase cholesterol than cholesterol itself in a human body, while eatingan egg a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 12%.

l Help loseweight. Eggs contain high quality protein, and can extend satiety. Studies showthat eating eggs at breakfast can reduce hunger and thus leads to a leanerlunch.  There was an interesting game:two groups of people eating eggs or donuts at breakfast, with the same amountof calories. After a while, egg consumers obviously lost weight and abdomen fatcompared with donut eaters.

l Help to rebuildmuscle after exercise. After exercise, eating food rich in high protein, suchas eggs, can provide amino acids to help promote muscle repair to achieve theeffect of stronger muscles.