What is a safe egg?

It isvery rare to get food poisoning from eggs. However, the nutrients that makeeggs a high-quality food are also a good growth medium for bacteria. Inaddition to food, bacteria need moisture, a favorable temperature and time tomultiply and increase the risk of illness. In the event that an egg containsbacteria, you can reduce the risk by proper refrigeration and cooking. When youhandle eggs with care, they pose no greater risk than any other perishablefoods. The inside of an egg was once considered almost sterile. But, overrecent years, the bacterium Salmonella enteritidis (Se) has been found inside asmall number of eggs. Other types of microorganisms might deposit on egg shellstogether with chicken manure. Therefore, Ovodan’s eggshells are washed andsanitized to remove possible hazards. You can further protect yourselves andyour family by discarding eggs that are unclean, cracked, broken or leaking.Make sure you and your family members perform good hygiene practices, includingproperly washing your hands and keeping them clean. Ovodan’s eggs are handledand processed with advanced equipment pursuant to international standards. Allliquid egg products are pasteurized to ensure their safety.